What is Clubhouse App?

It is a new audio-chat social media network that combines the live streaming capabilities of twitch with the casualness of discord. However, Clubhouse´s innovative approach lets people start casual conversations between unlikely interlopers, and allows for them to have a live audience.

Just imagine Bill Gates casually bumping into Richard Branson and exchanging a few unfiltered sentences. You’d definitely want to be then and there.

Clubhouse is designed to do just that, and now you can be part of the conversation. However, it is still an invite-only app. It means that you can´t download the app or listen to any conversation until someone who knows your phone number sends you an invitation. And they´re very rare (two per user).

Easy Outreach allows you to buy Clubhouse Invitations and jump in right away. Listen to Elon Musk talk to Vladimir Putin, or get exclusive insights from expert businessmen from all around the world.

What are you waiting for?

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