Social Media Manager


Social Media Manager

If you really want to take full advantage of the power of social media, you need a social media manager.

Business owners, content creators, influencers and celebrities rarely have the time to keep track of the constant algorithm changes, or the ever shifting trends within each platform.

Our social media managers design whole marketing campaigns for your preferred platforms and are always on their toes, ready to adapt to new trends and policy changes. Stay always one step ahead of your competitors with our passionate social media managers, and get the most out of your social media accounts.

With an experienced social media manager, you also reduce the risks of a PR disaster, account suspensions or bans. They will effectively engage with your audience using the right language while accurately representing the spirit of your brand and persona.

Why is getting a Social Media Manager important?

  • Our professional social media managers will take care of your brand or product’s social media presence. This will increase engagement and drive even more organic traffic to your site.
  • Increase sales and stand out from your competitors with a top-notch Social Media Manager that knows how to market your business.
  • You won’t have to spend your precious time worrying about monitoring your social media presence, as our professional marketers will take care of everything.
  • 73% of marketers confirm that social media campaigns are effective.
  • 54% of people browsing social media are actively researching products.
  • Almost 50% of consumers trust social media influencers when deciding to buy a product.

Why is Easy OutReach the place to get a Social Media Manager?

At Easy OutReach, we have a rigorous vetting process that guarantees you get high-quality results at affordable prices. We make sure all our providers deliver reliable services all the time. Taking advantage of our host of providers means never having to spend hours going through endless offers at cheap freelance sites.

The purchase of this product includes the management of one social media account. This entails scheduling and posting ONE post every day for a month.

We work with the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

How affordable is it to buy EasyOutReach’s Social Media Manager service?

  • While you could find cheaper options out there, we have the reputation of delivering the best marketing results for every digital platform, making sure you always get the most bang for your buck.
  • Our testimonials prove that our customers are more than happy with our service and that our packages are absolutely worth buying.
  • Keep in mind that low-cost services usually end up providing bot traffic that could get your account banned permanently.


Facebook Social Media Management

With more than two billion active users, and 68% of adults in the US, having a facebook social media manager is now more important than ever. Your audience wants engaging content and fast answers when searching for your products and services.

Instagram Social Media Management

Instagram has positioned itself as one of the most important platforms with 1 billion monthly active users. Businesses and influencers now use Instagram stories to promote their products or sway the opinion of millions of consumers, making it imperative to have a well crafted campaign that generates buzz around your stories and posts and provide the traffic you need.

LinkedIn Social Media Management

Whether you are looking for top notch employees, or you want to up your networking game, you need a solid LinkedIn Social Media management strategy. There are over 3 million companies on LinkedIn right now looking to hire or make business with you. Drastically increase your chances of success with a LinkedIn Social Media Manager.

Twitter Social Media Management

Twitter users expect direct communication with the brands they like. In fact, 77% of them express positively about businesses who respond to their tweets. But you need someone who knows how to navigate the twitterverse if you want to make the right impression on your audiences. An experienced Twitter Social Media Manager can position you among the most dynamic and engaging accounts in your niche.

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