Youtube Marketing

By now, everyone knows that Youtube Marketing is an essential tool no matter your industry or niche. Everything can be marketed through video content, and people literally expect to easily find videos showing how a product or service works.

Most people don´t know this but Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, only dwarfed by its parent company, Google. What´s more, video is proven to be the most engaging type of content no matter the target audience. 

But, I hear you say, if Youtube Marketing is quite the silver bullet, why isn’t everyone using it?

That´s a very good question. Let me first say that most marketers nowadays are trying to jump into the video content creation wagon. However, the true challenge lies in creating an effective format that is engaging and can be replicated ad infinitum. In other words, coming up with an entertaining way to keep your audiences coming for more is very hard to do.

Many invest heavily in cameras, lighting, production, and special effects, yet never get more than a dozen views. I know it can be discouraging and, if you are running a business, you will certainly feel there are other more important things to do to grow your business.

However. There are a couple of ways to make Youtube Marketing work for you.

First of all, you need to understand that making a video is not really about pushing a sale. It is about talking about the stuff you know and love in a way that is useful for your viewers. No matter the niche you´re in, there is always a huge swath of people who are interested in knowing what someone with your experience has to say. The beauty of having a YouTube Channel to support your website and marketing campaigns is that it allows you to explore topics that people didn’t even know are related to your business, effectively expanding your reach.

Take locksmithing for instance. Many consider this to be a dead-end niche as they can only open locks or replace them. However, many have created extremely successful Youtube Marketing strategies just by showing the world how they are able to pick the toughest locks, or how to fix botched jobs.

And I can show you tons of channels for every niche you can imagine, made by people who are honestly in love with what they do.

But there is another obstacle that you must overcome.

As a search engine, YouTube´s algorithm tends to show the most popular videos in their searches. They measure views, viewing time, like-dislike ratios, and other important metrics to decide what to put in front of their users whenever they perform a search. That means that you have to compete with thousands or millions of other videos for a spot, and they already have all the views and likes.

So you must even out the playing field a bit in order to boost your campaign a bit.

Here, we not only offer advice on how to optimize your videos so people find them more easily. We also send a lot of traffic your way so Youtube knows your content deserves to be seen. This is, of course, real traffic from people who actually watch your videos, leave a like and a comment.


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